New Business? Low Budget? We Have Solutions!

Who says you need big money to build a business? We can help you build yours with big image, professionalism, credibility without the big cost! We offer smart office sharing & outsourcing.

Office Address

No need to use your home address for business any more: use our commercial address & set your worries free. $20/mo. LEARN MORE

Digital Mail Delivery

Save time & gas: Get your mails delivered instantly to your emails or the cloud through this digital delivery. $20/mo. LEARN MORE

Answering Service

Want the impression of big business without the cost? Use our answering service with well-trained agents. $40+/mo. LEARN MORE

Office Use

Be professional & meet with clients at a real office instead! We can even make that option better by providing light assistance during your stay. $13+/hr. LEARN MORE

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is the main focus of your business in the beginning. So, we offer to handle all e-marketing campaigns from e-mail to social media marketing. CALL US

Professional Websites

A website is your company’s main face nowadays. So, get a professional website from us. BTW, it can do a lot more than just a pretty face! $10+/mo. LEARN MORE

Business Emails

Want to add more trust to your business? Add professional emails for your company through us! They don’t cost much but so beneficial. $10/3 emails/mo. LEARN MORE

Live Chat for Websites

Want to get more sales from your website? Use our “Live Chat” feature! It targets prospects, who prefer anonymous & non-pressure approach. $40+/mo. LEARN MORE


Need help with designing a catchy flyer or brochure for your business? We offer to create your marketing materials with quick turn-around time. $35/flyer CALL US

Corporation/LLC Setup

Protect your personal assets from your business debts & at the same time add more credibility to it: We can incorporate your company for you for a small fee. $100* CALL US

Business Insurance

Cover risks with proper insurance even at its infancy! Protect personal assets from business liabilities. We work with many insurance carriers & can provide you with the right insurance. CALL US

Legal Advice

Legal problems are costly. So, it pays to have an attorney on hand to ask questions when a problem first arises. Our attorney group offers free advice in many cases. $25/mo LEARN MORE

Want a Basic Business Package?


Which includes business address, mail pickup, digital mail delivery, answering service and office use (15% off our very low regular prices if bought individually) CALL US NOW!

Need a Smart Phone Service for your Business?

We know many of you use your cell phones to do business.  However, how can you identify who is calling your business or just family or friends are calling?   Don’t worry, we can fix that.  Our smart phone service will allow you to see when your customers calling you.  This service also provides you Virtual Receptionist, which will greet your customers with a custom recording that we record for you, and tell customers about your business address, business hours, special announcements, etc., and forward calls to the right numbers (your cell phone or your team’s phones). $25+/mo.


Is your Company’s Data Accessible from Anywhere & Safe?

We know small businesses might overlook this area when they just started out. However, imagine if you can access your data from any computers or even phones and it is safe from computer crashes? Yes, that would make your life so much easier and less stressed. Remember: if you don’t have a plan to keep it safe now, you might lose invaluable customers’ data & other important documents that you & your employees build later and that could cripple your business. We can set up your company’s data to be saved on the cloud where it is safe & also centralized so all of your employees can access it no matter where they work.


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Our Awesome Team

Our team consists of highly trained & experienced professionals. Below are the main faces that lead & manage the business.

Dana Nguyen

Co-founder & CEO

Intelligent & visionary leader, who always forges forward & continues to bring smart solutions to her clients. Dana especially has strong expertise in software development, real estate, mortgage & insurance.

Jane Brown

Sales & Marketing

An amazing character with 20 years of experience in sales & marketing for both corporate & small-business arenas. Jane is using her talented skills in SEO, social media & print marketing to make us known.

Erika Black

Operational Director

Incredibly beautiful personality with sharp eyes for details & problem solving, Erika is the key person, who handles all aspects of the daily operations of the business & perfects it one day at a time.

George Mayer

Technology Director

With 15 years plus of experience working for technology companies from software, cloud computing & big data, George is helping to increase efficiency & accuracy for the company.







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